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How to Set Up for Online Piano Lessons Through Zoom

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Since the pandemic, many music instructors have either entirely switched over to online lessons or do both online and in-person. Taking lessons online has many advantages and is definitely doable with the correct set up! #onlinepianolessons

In this blog, I will be covering the topic on how to set up for a Zoom lesson. I will start with the basic setup and add tips for a more advanced setup. #zoomlessons

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1. A laptop

2. Download Zoom

3. Set the laptop on a side table at a good height and angle where your teacher can see both hands at the keyboard.


1. Once Zoom is downloaded, your teacher should send you a Zoom link to your email with the Zoom ID. Sometimes a passcode is included in the email in order to enter the meeting. Go ahead and enter the meeting.

2. At the top left corner, click option "Original Sound for Musicians: On"

3. At the bottom left corner, click the icon right next to the Mute button, which will show you "Audio Settings" at the bottom of the options. Click on this.

4. There will pop up a list of different audio settings. Make sure that "Original Sound", "High fidelity music mode", and "echo cancellation" are all checked.

These steps will ensure that you have proper, clear sound to get the most out of your music lesson.

To get even BETTER sound: I use a Blue YETI microphone for my online piano lessons with students. This microphone was a game changer when the pandemic first started and has continued to work very well.

Proper angle set up for your laptop:

A side table/chair with a stack of books can do the job, however, I personally recommend purchasing an adjustable projector stand. With this stand, you can also Zoom login with your smartphone for an even higher angle if preferred by your teacher.


CAUTION: When setting up a 2nd device, you must MUTE the 2nd device PRIOR to joining the meeting.

  • iPad set up on the music stand to see demonstrations from your teacher face forward. This is to avoid looking to the side every time. In addition, your phone and/or laptop at your side.

  • iPad set up in front, smartphone set up ABOVE you with the camera facing down on the keyboard. For the overhead view, I recommend purchasing a tall adjustable tripod.

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