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How to Pick the Right Piano Teacher for You

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Once you've sorted through your preference of doing online or in-person lessons as well as where to find your teacher (either through a lesson specific website or an online search for a teacher in your area), how do you decide which teacher is right for you? #onlinepianolessons #inpersonpianolessons

Sites for finding a teacher:

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Here is a list of things to look out for in a teacher:

  • Location (if you opt for in-person lessons)

  • What is his/her studio policy like? Do you want more flexibility in this?

  • Do you have specific goals with taking lessons? Here are a few examples:

Ex: You want to learn a specific piece within a set time frame.

You want to learn how to play lead sheet music.

You want to learn proper technique and note reading.

Piano lessons is a hobby and you want a relaxed approach to lessons.

  • Does he/she offer a trial lesson? Trial lessons can either be free, discounted, or full price.

This is a great way to meet your potential new teacher and see if you vibe well.

Through a trial lesson, you can also figure out if you prefer a strict or more laid back style to lessons. Discussing your goals within the trial is also important to see if the teacher is receptive to your short-term and/or long-term goals. If you can't think of a specific goal, you can also let the teacher know and they can potentially help you find goals along the way!

  • Do specific qualifications matter to you in a teacher such as having a college degree in the instrument or being a member of a music association?

  • Does he/she have positive reviews? You can view these either through their personal website, Yelp page, or Google reviews.

Final Thoughts: Finding a teacher will take some research and time, however, just remember that this is someone that you will be seeing on a regular basis. You want to be comfortable and confident in your lessons, and your new teacher will be your partner on your musical journey. Don't hesitate to have multiple trial lessons with at least a few teachers to find your perfect fit. Every teacher has his/her own way of teaching, and it's good to experience different lessons to see what resonates with your personality and learning style. If you found this information useful, please support and subscribe to Youtube/Instagram and my blog. Thank you for your time! More content available at my Youtube channel Instagram @ haparopiano

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